• This is the first app I've felt passionate enough to post a review. This one does everything you could possibly ask for in regards to general eye examination and care. I'm a medical student and already finding this app indispensible. I hope you come out with other medical apps as good as this one. I'd gladly pay high prices for apps like this.

    Thanks! Best App I've Ever Seen

  • This is the best ophthalmology application out there, and it's for free. Great for all eye specialists but also almost anyone in the medical profession. It provides essentail information that is very useful especially when on the run.

    Thanks for this great app!!! Great App!

  • Wow! This is very impressive! Well done and very useful from a resident physician.

    Thanks for this great app!!! Amazing

  • The pt ed function is worth it alone. And it's free! Its fantastic in a pinch, and the dictionary is a must to interpret esoteric acronyms.

    Fantastic for ED

  • One of the most useful and concise apps. Thanks guys, great idea, great content, keep on going!!! P.S. Please create a broad signs/symptoms/management/tx section. Thank you

    Most useful app for eye docs

  • Has everything you need for a busy ophthalmologist! The icd-9 codes are great and the patient ed stuff is perfect.

    Best Ophthalmology app out!!!

  • Very helpful with many features. If this remains free, all ophthalmologists will have this some day.

    Really nice. Please keep the updates coming.

  • As a medical student this is a great app! Especially since it is free!!

    Great free app

  • As an ophtho resident this app saves both time and energy! With quick references in clinic as well as tests I can perform while on call! Not to mention the media consent so as to send pics from the ED to attendings for immediate feedback for better patient care. The landmark studies section also prepares me better for pimping sessions!

    Lifesaving App

  • Absolutely outstanding app. The best eye app out there. Many extremely useful items and functions that any eye professional can use on a daily basis. The eponyms and dictionary are outstanding. Congratulations and thank you.

    Eye doctor

  • Would expect to pay for this. Glad it's free :) by far, this is the best eye app in the istore. Keep it free guys and keep doin what you're doin. Looks like the OKN is much better in the new version.

    Best eye app in the istore

  • A must have for any ophthalmology doctor! Nice charts and product listings! 5 stars

    Great App!

  • Wow! The most complete and best organized reference tool for ophtho. Has pics of hundreds of disease states, path slides, mneumonics, ddx lists, acrnoyms, and even reviews of important papers. Flawless execution. The only thing that I would add is some sort of flashcard system to test yourself on all the info.

    Thorough and well organized

  • This is a great app for any eye practioner with great resources, drawings, movies, diagrams, codes.

    Great App!!!

  • Keep up the great work! I just downloaded it and haven't had the chance to use it on a patient but there a definitely quite a few helpful things in this app. Thank you!

    Wonderful App